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Thu, Oct. 10th, 2013, 11:47 am
cut-up #1

climate models, they calculated are publicly available, are between 1860 and emissions. The dates climate scientists say. researcher at the temperature beyond historical people in the mid-latitude the emissions. Plants and latitudes, and the extra So Dr. Mora and The models show that year in the historical anything that occurred back to 2069, would reach a missing. The results G. Frazier, a doctoral increasing stress on human that if emissions specifics, I cannot tell you." models contain acknowledged give people a really plus or minus five occurring in the Arctic and parts candidate in geography high emissions, climate and reconstructions are range. Organisms that do rich countries that are burning in specific places might large sets of model results, but the students Many people perceive climate the paper found, plus world's most prestigious experienced for many relatable way to understand identified one area future will be warmer in the field, but not published in the well as for development of ecosystems of the millions of people with of analysis that was Lagos, Nigeria, and For Beijing, climate of the to bring emissions are accustomed to a be driven to extinction, People living in the his students divided the earth to think about the hottest, most traumatic tropics are generally poor, event is going to become temperature changes across how the temperature changes to 25 years if there is The results suggest by greenhouse gases will push the with less money to adapt the Mora paper Perhaps the most 2033 for Bogota, Colombia by the middle of this century, across most of the earth which all future years climate changes will be is possible to specify animals in the tropics also The research comes of Antarctica. But for Moscow are 2063 the paper found a climate annual climates hotter than year will be hotter across Climate variability there is much smaller for each location -- the date after year margin of error. But lower in the near term, may actually record for that conditions that they have not spot on the globe way, for a given most parts of the planet narrow temperature absolute changes in a date they called accurate they will will be massive warmer than any cell representing 386 the analysis found. "I am certain there that to 2072. Thousands of scientific departure date of risk that the climate change to be most serious Under high emissions, The Mora paper is greenhouse gases. Though unprecedented temperatures could be "climate departure" contributing most of catastrophic changes. They praised an interview. "What results from the 39 temperature are already With the technique are usually reported City will come in 2047, and 2092; for Washington, human society, at least tools available, these 39 of the world's could be pushed miles. Averaging the of greenhouse gases remain coral reefs that supply a vigorous global consequences," Dr. Mora said. "The the world's greatest forests. foremost climate models. The control. While that may the physics of the individual cities. Under society to adapt, as capacity to adapt to rapid way of presenting more than that very soon, that the tropics, Dr. Mora's departure from New York continue their steady departure would come in the plant. But that gives the future response to risks to nature and to group predicts, putting cuts would buy critical 2046 under high environmental issues. He assigned a rarity; a class years, the scientists 2029 for Jakarta and for research suggesting that the biggest half the earth's to climate change than will rise to levels norms. "We wanted to they had been at those locations Institution for Science available. If assiduous millions of years," said forced to move, or will were predicted to be "If current trends in carbon the Mora group used, it Scientists from the University countries, and financed data to illuminate emissions continue, we research centers in 12 heat being trapped coldest year in the run, lowering the researchers said striking findings are in the tropics papers have been with caveats. It is will be pushing students to analyze delayed by 20 information that is emissions would push have a bigger geographic area, "The climate departure dates for at the poles, and indeed the largest models, whose results with no recorded precedent escalation, temperatures largely by governments. Ken Caldeira, a climate climate," said Abby attempt to reproduce point that triggers "Go back in your life a class of graduate models, huge computer journal Nature. effect in the long forecasts produced by Other scientists not scientific journals. known to specialists than in high Unprecedented climates will world into climatic dovetails with previous If greenhouse emissions profile article in one said the emissions To put it another down, that date Dr. Mora is not said Camilo Mora, the lead 2005, the years for which than the hottest calculated technologies that might by the larger public. not sound like many or minus the five-under lower the paper as a fresh temperatures in each the research found. problems, and no emissions, or 2078 scientist; rather he is scientist on a paper historical temperature data bounds much sooner, into a grid, with each event you have involved in the published about the years, the average research said that slowing of Hawaii be in the tropics. than square compare with historical operated by 21 year in the past," 2031 for Mexico City, surface will experience in any year between one is sure how help further and for human based on climate the norm." sooner in that by 2047, arrive even high, then after 2047, emissions would not have the genetic system and forecast they are the best a specialist in using programs that Mora said in most of the a climate at Manoa Carnegie we're saying is into a high-Wednesday. efforts were made little sense of emissions. prove to be at peering experienced," Dr. biological and social many decades ahead. 2047 and 2071. reduce project that turned in Stanford, based fuels and societies there, on the emissions under as average climate time for nature dioxide Calif. effort to bring the most carbon-fish, and on 1860 and 2005.

[from "By 2047, Coldest Years May Be Warmer Than Hottest in Past, Scientists Say," New York Times, 10/9/13]

Sun, Feb. 10th, 2008, 04:59 pm
pod people

heads up on a podcast i recently recorded with mr. kevin lee for his shooting down pictures series on maestro federico fellini's underrated 1984 film "and the ship sails on."
i realize it's been a record-breaking amount of time since i last wrote anything here. my only words of advice for the new year, which i could have told the new england patriots: CHEATERS DON'T WIN.

Wed, Dec. 8th, 2004, 08:18 am
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